Do you want to make a change?

Life Path Adviser gives you everything you need to reinvent yourself:

  1. Get the step-by-step guidebook
  2. Find an adviser
  3. Join the support group for free
  4. Make that change”

Designed as a comprehensive, immersive, transformative experience from the inside out, you design your new life path. You are guided and challenged to “find your purpose, change the world”.

Your guidance is based on what works:

  • you control your choices
  • you make a change based on your self-discovery path
  • you are given concrete steps that move you into action
  • you get support throughout the process

How it Works

What works is how the multi-learning instruction and customization are integrated, based on research, but is highly practical. You can select one or two program components that appeal the most to you but all three give you a complete program for what you need:

From the Author

Changing what you do, based on how you transform yourself, that changes the world, takes your personal courage and commitment. As the author of Reset Your Life Path and founder of Life Path Advisors, I know all too well that obstacles will appear now and in your future to living the life of your dreams. That is why I created this packaged program, to remove obstacles wherever possible and set your path forward with greater clarity and a higher vision for what you can accomplish.

Speaking of obstacles, if you thought this is probably going to be too expensive, think again. The on-line resources are free and your first session with a Life Path Adviser is free just by buying the guidebook for your journey: Reset Your Life Path.

This is a community of life path trailblazers like yourself who want to advance themselves and the world. There’s nothing else like it. Together, I hope you find your purpose and change the world.


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